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Training in the gastronomy and hotel industry with good career opportunities!

Yes or no ?

  •     A monotonous workday would be a personally nightmare for you ?
  •     The idea of ​​working the next decades of your life from Mondays to Fridays, do you find terrifyingly boring?
  •     You dream of the big wide world?
  •     You would like to have free time during the week?
  •     You can also imagine working, from time to time, some connected days and then spontaneously have four days at a stretch free -
             without taking a vacation?
  •     You like variety in the job?
  •     Career can you imagine well?

If you answered more than 5 questions above with a "yes"...
you have serious thoughts about training with us ...

  • A training in the hotel industry / gastronomy offers you always a lot of variety!
  • We support you on all your steps, because with us you are the center of attention.

Cook trainee ?

Hotel trainee?

What you experience and learn with us, you will find out below!

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"Congratulations on passing the final exam"
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Here our apprentice learned you were everything you need for the perfect pasta dough, ...
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Our trainees on a discovery tour in the oldest distillery in the world.
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with us you experience much more like only kitchen, restaurant, floor and reception!
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from the Hotel Fulda Mitte to Berlin new impressions and sightseeing
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Restaurant education at Hotel Fulda Mitte
a small overview
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Cook training at the Hotel Fulda
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Hotel training  at Hotel Fulda Mitte
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