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Getaway - trip ideas

Fulda and the Rhön are worthwhile excursion destinations in Germany and the hotel Fulda Mitte is located in Fulda. Incidentally, the river Fulda flows through Fulda.
Culture and baroque of city of Fulda -A number of highlights for the whole family in Fulda:
The famous baroque quarter with its impressive cathedral, the Orangery and the magnificent city Palace is waiting for you in the heart of the town of Fulda. Next to it is the picturesque old town with many beautiful half-timbered buildings, charming streets and squares. An atmospheric world of shops, pubs and street cafes invites you for strolling and shopping. The Fulda Castle theater is located in an extension of the city Palace. It has over 690 seats and offers a rich schedule, despite the lack of its own ensemble. Within 10 minutes walking distance of the Baroque quarter is the Hotel Fulda Mitte.
City tours with guide or audio guide
Conquer Fulda with a local guide or the practical audio guide on your own. From historical highlights to the tour of private gardens--in the brochure "Guided tours" of the city of Fulda you will find all the topics and details.
Guided tour for groups
Discover together is more fun - exploring Fulda old town with Cathedral, Castle, Castle Park, churches and monasteries and other attractions. Various topics are available such as "on the trail of the"middle ages","When stones speak","Garden of dreams"or"Treasury of the Cathedral", just to name a few."

Here are some selected destinations and attractions that you should get to know.
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Distance from hotel: 0.0 km
Discover Fulda by walking
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Distance from hotel: 0.6 km
Fulda City Castle: The first predecessor of the Fulda city palace was a Abtsburg. This was built at the beginning of the 14th century.
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Distance from hotel: 0.6 km
At the Princely Court of 18th century, the chocolate girl was one of the most important persons of noble cuisine, responsible for the production of new drinks such as 'Thé' "Caffè" and "Chocolat".
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Distance from hotel: 28.6 km
The Rhön is known as "Land of open distant" unspoilt nature, idyllic meadows, gentle hills, bogs and rugged basalt formations - law. The UNESCO has recognized this uniqueness and appointed the Rhön biosphere reserve.
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Distance from hotel: 0.6 km
The exhibition on cultural history gives insight into the history of Fulda from the stone age to the present. The second focus is painting, sculpture and other works by artists from the region.
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Distance from hotel: 0.6 km
The glamorous center among secular buildings is the City Palace. It was built between 1706 and 1721 on behalf of Prince Abbots as an extension of the earlier Renaissance Castle in more powerful, more beautiful baroque splendor.
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Distance from hotel: 0.6 km
In the oldest children private museum in Germany  naturally Adults can also experience an interesting science and technology, art and culture.
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Distance from hotel: 0.9 km
The mighty Cathedral is the landmarkof Fulda. It was built in 1704 and 1712 in the Roman Baroque style. After extensive restoration work, it has been restored to original splendor.
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Distance from hotel: 0.9 km
The Church was built in the years 819-822 at the site of the then the Benedictine monastery of Fulda and is one of the most important medieval churches in Germany with their crypt originating from Carolingian times.
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Distance from hotel: 1.4 km
The monastery Frauenberg was opened in the year 1623 by Franciscan monks. The monastery is situated in a beautiful park and is now a Conference and Seminar location today.
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Distance from hotel: 5.0 km
The former summer residence of the Hessian Prince Abbots is located only a few kilometers south of Fulda. Today, a Museum is housed in the Castle built between 1739 and 1756.
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Distance from hotel: 25.5 km
Point Alpha (Observation Post (OP) Alpha) was next to OP Romeo, OP India and OP Oscar one of four US observation bases on the Hessian inner German border.
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