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Dear Guests,
In order to make your stay at the Hotel Fulda Mitte even more
enjoyable, we ask that you read the following house rules and pass
them on to everyone travelling with you. Please note the General
Terms and Conditions (AGB) of the Hotel Fulda Mitte also apply. We
will gladly send you these as a PDF. For the purposes of maintaining
public order and ensuring adherence to the house rules the hotel’s
employees are fully authorised to issue instructions to any guest.
Treatment of hotel property
The fixtures and fittings in the hotel rooms, as well as all other
furnishings in the entire area of the hotel are to be treated with care. Be
advised that any items that you damage must be replaced and that the
hotel may invoice you for them.
Smoking and naked flames
Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the hotel and is permitted outside
the building only. If any non-permitted smoking triggers a fire alarm or
the smoke detectors have been wilfully manipulated, the hotel accepts
no liability. Any costs arising as a result through deployment of the fire
service or any other emergency services must be immediately settled
at the hotel. If guests are found to be smoking in their rooms, a
separate cleaning fee of €200 will be
charged. Naked flames and the lighting of candles are also not allowed
in any hotel rooms, stairwells, corridors or toilets. Be advised that any
items that you damage must be replaced and that the hotel may invoice
you for them.
Arrival and departure
On the day you arrive, your bedroom will be available to you from 3pm.
On the day you leave, your room must be completely vacated by 12
noon. If you have plans for any excursions or meetings at which the
luggage you brought with you would be an encumbrance, it is possible
to leave at reception. Please note in this regard that the space for
storing luggage at reception is limited and that we accept no liability of
any kind for any loss or damage to your luggage.
Our bedrooms are cleaned every day. Please decide for yourself
whether you want the towels changed. If so, leave them on the floor.
For safety reasons you are not permitted to lean out of the window. The
windows may only be opened to ventilate the rooms. Window sills must
not be used as seats. Please also do not throw anything out of the
windows and adhere to the rules about being quiet at night. Please do
not drop any sanitary towels, tampons or other items down the toilet, as
they may block the drains. We explicitly reserve the right to claim
compensation should these instructions be disregarded and our
company is detrimentally affected as a result.
Restaurant facilities
Our hotel has two restaurants offering a varied and comprehensive
range of food and drink. Consumption of food or drink that you have
brought with you is not allowed in these areas.
Use of the Internet
When using our Wi-Fi Internet access, you must adhere to the
provisions of the applicable laws on data protection and on the
protection of children and minors. Any and all breaches of these laws
must be reported. We have advised you that when using our Internet
access it is imperative that you respect the copyright of third parties.
Downloads and uploads via so-called file-sharing networks are in
particular not allowed and will lead in the event of any violation of this to
the hotel claiming compensation.
Overnight quiet, good behaviour and security
From 10pm, peace and quiet must be maintained in every room,
corridor and outside area of our grounds. Failure to keep quiet at night
may lead to immediate ejection from the hotel. In this case the guest
forfeits their right to accommodation and reimbursement of any charges
paid in advance. Notwithstanding this, the guest ejected for failing to
keep quiet at night must pay in full for the services booked, even if they
were not able to avail themselves of these. We expect other guests, our
hotel neighbours and our staff to be treated with respect. If leaving or
returning to the hotel after 10pm, all noise of any kind must be avoided
out of consideration for our neighbours and other guests. Anyone not
registered on our booking system and brought with them by a guest
into the hotel will be allowed entry only after first signing in at reception.
We reserve the right in any individual case to deny entry.
Bringing pets with you requires the consent of the hotel / its staff. You
must notify us about your pet in advance. A cleaning fee will be
Bringing pets into the hotel is allowed only on condition that the pets
are under the guest's constant supervision, free of any infectious
diseases and also represent no other risks to hotel staff or other
guests. Please do not leave your pets in your room on their own when
you are away from the hotel. If you do leave your pet alone in your
room for a relatively short period, please hang the ‘Do not disturb’ sign
on the outside of the door in order to avoid any cleaning staff entering
the room during this time. Please feel free to let our staff on reception
know when it would be possible to clean the room. Furthermore, dogs
must be kept on a lead inside the hotel and on the hotel grounds.
Should the pet become a nuisance, the hotel reserves the right to
cancel the guest's booking.
Illegal drugs and weapons
Bringing in any illegal drugs or weapons is strictly forbidden and will
lead to immediate ejection from the hotel. In such situations the
relevant authorities will also be informed.
Our fire alarm is a loud warning sound. If this goes off, you are now
longer allowed to be in your room. You must leave the hotel as quickly
as possible via the clearly marked escape routes. In such an event, use
only the stairs and fire escapes. The emergency exits are marked
accordingly. You will find evacuation diagrams on the inside of your
bedroom door and in the corridors. Please read very thoroughly through
the fire prevention instructions put up on every floor and in the event of
an emergency keep to the rules and the instructions given by our staff.
Changes may be made to these house rules at any time. These can be
viewed at reception. We reserve the right to cancel the booking of and
stop providing services to any guests who disregard our house rules
and through their behaviour cause detriment to our staff, other guests
or the hotel.
Thank you for reading and adhering to these rules. If you have any
further questions about your stay, we would be pleased to help at any
Nicole Lingner
Director & General Manager