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Three trans-regional long-distance bike paths intersect in Fulda. Fulda is therefore the perfect starting point for beautiful cycling tours or E-bike trips. Your bike is parked safely in the hotel garage.
Our Tip:
Obtain accommodation at Hotel Fulda Mitte and explore this wonderful bike trails or use us as a perfect stop over hotel for cyclists. You will find suitable accommodation here.

Euroroute R1

The Europe cycle route R1 leads to Fulda - a way for "normal cyclists" with the sense ofgreat adventure:
3,800 kilometers - nine countries - three time zones
Not far from the town of Fulda is the newly built Milseburgradweg.
It is only 4 km on the long distance cycle route R3 to the entry into Idol Court. The fully paved bike path extends on the former railway line between Petersberg Idol Hof via Bridgend to Hilders. The "Milseburgradweg" is part of the Hessian distance cycle route R3. 27 km is a good day route.
The 1,127 metres long "Milseburgtunnel" is a special experience for all cyclists.Attention, the average temperature is in the tunnel 8-10°Celsius. From the year 1889, tunnel is illuminated during the day and is monitored by video cameras for the safety of tunnel users.

Volcano bike path

On the volcano bike path, riding at the foot of the Vogelsberg mountain is not a problem for untrained cyclists and families. With maximum of 3% incline/decline, cycling in the mountains is just really fun. Even football fans and bicyclists are enthusiastic about the fine surface of this cycle path.
For additional information on planning your stay at Hotel Fulda Mitte, we recommend the following websites:

Bike rentals in Fulda 

Our reception team gladly asks bikes for you.


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