New trainees for 2020

A WARM WELCOME… to our new trainees for 2020!


to 5 new trainees who will be supporting our team in various areas with immediate effect.
To give you a chance to get to know our energetic supporters, we asked the new trainees what they hope to get out of their training and what they are most looking forward to. Read for yourself…

We welcome

Sophie Abel, Trainee chef

Sophie hopes to get to know new tastes of dishes from all over the world. She is looking forward to the world of chefs and contact with guests.

Isabel Flosdorf, Trainee hotel management assistant

Isabel wants to get to know things that you don’t notice as a guest and is happy to learn about the everyday life of a hotel.

Thomas Hornfeck, Trainee hotel management assistant

Thomas hopes that a pleasant working environment awaits him during his training. What he is most looking forward to is exploring and getting to know the field of hotel management.

Jan-Niclas Schmalenberg, Trainee chef

Jan-Niclas expects high-quality training and strong team spirit between the staff. He is most looking forward to expressing himself creatively and thereby satisfying the guests.

Zegai Tesgahiweit, Trainee restaurant specialist in the 2nd year of training

Zegai wants to learn a lot and be successful. His greatest pleasure is when the guests and colleagues are satisfied.

We are looking forward to getting started and to tackling the new challenges with all of you. The whole team will do their best to fulfil all expectations and anticipations and are also looking forward to a collegial cooperation, as we already foster here.

We wish you all a good and instructive time and much success on the paths you are now taking. We look forward to being able to accompany you.