Trainees who completed their training in 2020

Final examinations passed by our trainees in the summer of 2020

The time has come: Some of our trainees have been rewarded for their diligence and effort over the past three years and have passed their final exams.

We are very happy that everyone has achieved a great result and congratulate them warmly:

from right to left: Ratchadaphorn Khaopong, Vanessa Palik, Lukas Fischer, Levi-Immanuel Held und Cosmina Kubesch.

Nicole Lingner, our hotel manager, together with assistant manager Julian Nüchter, presented everyone with a small gift.

Our chef Lukas received a kitchen knife to accompany him on his further career. The hotel management assistants Ratchadaphorn, Vanessa, Cosmina and Levi-Immanuel received two bottles of wine from the Baldauf winery and can toast their successes and expand their wine knowledge at the same time. During the last trainee trip, they already gathered a lot of information at the Baldauf winery.

Congratulations also go to Dominik Kriegelstein, who unfortunately is not in the photo. He also successfully passed his exam to become a hotel management assistant.

We are very proud that despite the difficult circumstances during the exams this spring, everything went smoothly. We think that all of them are now well prepared for their future careers.

The entire team of the HOTEL FULDA MITTE would like to wish you all the best, happiness, success and above all satisfaction in your future endeavours.